4 Things To Keep In Mind When Using A Storage Unit For The First Time

If you are using a storage unit for the first time, here are four tricks that many seasoned storage unit veterans use to protect their belongings and get the most out of their storage unit.

Keep Things Off The Floor

One of the key tricks that most veteran storage unit users employ is keeping everything off the floor. Most storage units have cement flooring inside of them. Moisture can easily build-up on cement surfaces and that moisture can easily transfer onto your belongings. If any liquid container within your storage unit opens or spills, it will get over everything on the floor. If water ever leaks into your unit, it will penetrate all the boxes on the floor of your unit.

You can minimize that risk by not putting your belongings on the floor of your unit. The best way to keep your belongings off the floor is by using pallets. Purchase or pick up wooden or plastic pallets for free from local businesses. Then, place these pallets on the floor of your storage unit so that you create an elevated floor. This elevated floor will keep your belongings safe from any accident spills or water leaks within your storage unit.

You can also use shelving to keep your items off the floor. Make sure that you purchase shelving units designed for uses in garages where the bottom level doesn't rest directly on the floor, but is instead elevated off of the floor a couple of inches.

Wrap Things Up

Another well known trick is to wrap everything up that you put inside of your storage unit. This is the best way to ensure that you keep pests out and keep dust from accumulating on your belongings. There are different ways that you can wrap up and cover your belongings. For your mattress and box-spring, put them inside of a mattress bag. For furniture, cover it up with an appropriately sized furniture cover. You can even cover up your boxes by wrapping them up with some industrial plastic wrap.

Taking this extra help will provide your belongings with an extra layer of protection against potential pests, dirt and moisture.

Label Everything

You may think that you are going to remember what you put inside of each box when you are packing up everything and putting it inside of your storage unit. However, as the months tick by before you take items out of your storage unit, there is a good chance that you are not going to remember exactly what you put in each box. The best way to combat this is by using an in-depth labeling system. Color coordinate the tape or color of boxes that you use for different types of items. For example, perhaps all your clothing is inside of purple plastic storage containers and all of your kitchen items are inside of clear storage containers. On the outside of each storage container you should attach a list detailing everything that is inside the box. It is also a good idea to place a copy of that list right inside of the box. You may even want to number your boxes and create an external inventory list. The more detailed you are with labeling and keeping an inventory of your belongings, the easier it will be to find what you need inside of your storage unit.

Use A Strong Lock

Finally, you need to use a strong lock on the outside of your storage unit. The best lock is one that is designated as all-weather that will not rust when exposed to the elements. You should also make sure that the lock has a short arm; a short arm on the lock will be harder for a thief to break through with a bolt cutter. A strong lock will help keep your unit secure. Make sure that you choose a strong combination; don't use the default one that comes with the unit. If the lock you choose has a key, make sure that you have a couple of copies made so you can always get in.