Four Items You Shouldn't Pack On Your Move

Getting ready for a move usually results in a long to-do list, much of it involving the actual sorting and packing of your stuff. While it makes sense to move most of the items you use or love, not all things should be loaded onto the moving truck. The following are a four items you should consider leaving behind.

#1: Clothing you no longer wear

Packing up your closets and drawers may end up feeling like a trip through time. Chances are you are going to unearth many items that no longer fit, aren't your style, or are damaged beyond repair. This is the time to be honest with yourself – if you haven't worn it in a year, then it's time to get rid of it. Clothing is one of the easiest items to replace, so there is no need to pay to move stuff you likely won't need again – especially if you can replace it easily later.

#2: Kitchen doubles

It seems like kitchen items are the go-to gift for many people, so it's no surprise if you have more wooden spoons, spatulas, and one-use gadgets than you could realistically use in a lifetime. These can also be items that are hard to get rid of, since they are still in good condition. The fact is, if you have more than you need, then you shouldn't pay to pack and move them. Instead, put these items in the donation bin so someone that needs them can put them to use.

#3: Old textbooks

Are you really going to reference your old economics textbook again? For many people, getting rid of books seems like sacrilege, but these heavy college textbooks are just taking up room in both your home and your moving truck. Unless you really do use the book often, it's time to get rid of it. You can check online to see if the book is selling on the used market – some college professors still use older editions in their classrooms. If the book is outdated and no longer in use, then it's time for the recycling bin.

#4: Flammable items

Certain items, including fertilizers, fuels, and paint thinner, should never be packed up in boxes for the moving truck. It's not that these items aren't useful, but transporting them in a moving truck is dangerous and sometimes illegal. If you're moving locally, you can bring them to your new home on your own. For longer moves, pass the items on to someone that can use them and get replacements once you settle into your new house.

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