Supplies To Make It Easier To Move Furniture

Moving successfully requires more than a few boxes, newspaper, and some willing friends. Whether you are hiring help or doing it all yourself, you need to make sure you have the right supplies. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to your furniture. The following are a few key items that will make moving heavy furniture a bit easier.

A furniture dolly

Heavy duty furniture dollies are just the thing for transporting heavy appliances, sofas, and wood pieces. These dollies are reinforced for heavier loads. They can also be used upright as a true dolly or flat as a cart. There are even varieties that are specifically made with extra wheels up the back to make it easier to bring heavy items up and down stairs. Make sure to use straps with the dolly, as well, so items don't fall off.


Think of a furniture lifter as a jack for your furniture. Heavy items that sit flush to the floor, such as sofas, can be especially difficult to grip and lift. A lifter is a small tool that slides beneath the furniture so you can lever it up without causing any damage. This then allows you to slide your hands beneath it so you can lift the furniture more easily.

Lifting straps

These are straps that you wear and then fasten around the heavy item you are lifting. The straps help transfer the weight to your hips so that you aren't overly stressing your back as you lift and carry heavy furniture items.


Although you can use any old blanket, furniture blankets are readily available and inexpensive to rent from movers and moving supply companies. Typically made of either wool or a synthetic material, these purely utilitarian blankets are sized appropriately to drape over most types of furniture. The blankets protect the furniture from scrapes and scratches, as well as from any moisture exposure, during the move. Make sure to fully cover the exposed top of the furniture and to slide blankets between pieces so they don't bump together during transit.

Box wrap

Box wrap resembles a large roll of plastic wrap, except it's purpose isn't for storing food. Instead, it provides a non-damaging way to wrap furniture with drawers so that the drawers or cabinet doors don't open during transport. Unlike tape, you won't have to worry about residue or damage when you remove it because the wrap only sticks to itself.

For more help, contact a moving supplies provider in your area. Click this link to learn more.