Storage Unit Options To Consider

Self storage rental units come in many shapes and sizes, quite literally. Since there are many options that you have when shopping for a storage unit, here is a summary of some of the most important decisions you'll make.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Indoor and outdoor storage units can have their uses in different situations. An outdoor storage unit is great for storing hardy equipment and furniture, such as seasonal lawn furniture. It's often the least expensive option.

There are some reasons to look at indoor spaces, though. For one, an outdoor space may have more issues with intruders; make sure that if you choose an outdoor storage unit, it has a gate, security officers, and other adequate theft protection. Another issue is if you need to visit in the middle of winter; getting into your outdoor storage unit can be a problem if the door has been frozen shut to the ground.

Climate Control Guarantee?

You may also want to look at whether the self-storage rental facility offers any guarantees on climate control. For instance, do they have alternate heating sources in case the main power goes out? This is important if you're storing fragile or temperature-sensitive items.

Small, Medium, or Large?

Size will be a big determining factor in the cost of your unit. Of course, you could rent an entire cube to store your belongings. But some also offer smaller spaces or allow you to rent just a portion of a room. Some even have oversized lockers that they use as storage units for small amounts of personal items. You'd be surprised at the varying sizes of units that you can find if you shop around.

Business or Personal Use?

Another thing to decide is whether you want a storage unit that is for general use, or one that's at a storage facility that caters to business clients. The business storage units may come at a premium, but they may also offer higher levels of security or include many business insurance options in the package.

It's often a good idea to make some of these decisions before you even visit a storage unit in person. It can help you narrow down the options considerably. But when you're unsure about a few of these decisions, it helps to visit in person or compare the prices of your top few storage units to see how they stack up, with all options considered.