2 Reasons To Store Your Piano In A Piano Storage Facility

If for one reason or another you find out that you are going to need to store your piano, you are going to want to make sure that it is going to be stored properly. Most pianos are not going to be cheap, and your piano is likely going to be a very special possession of yours. Because of this, you are going to want to make sure that it is stored properly. A great way to do this is going to be to look for a piano storage facility in your area, such as Extreme Piano Moving. This article will discuss two reasons to store your piano in a storage facility. 

Piano Movers Will Be Sent To Pick Up Your Piano

The first step to storing your piano is going to be to have it loaded up and transported to the piano storage facility. As part of having your piano stored, most piano storage facilities are going to have piano movers available to come and pick up your piano for you. The piano movers are not only going to have the expertise needed to safely move your piano, but they are also going to have the equipment that they need as well. They will carefully close up and wrap your piano in a blanket before moving it. They will then be able to maneuver your piano out of your residence without harming your walls, doors, floors, stairs, etc. They will then carefully load your piano into a climate controlled vehicle for it to be transported to the storage facility. Since this is one of the most stressful parts of having your piano put in storage, it is a huge comfort to know that this is taken care of for you. 

The Unit Is Both Climate And Humidity Controlled 

The unit that your piano is going to be stored in is going to have heat and cooling controls. This will ensure that the unit never gets too hot or too cold and potentially harms the wood of your piano, thus damaging the acoustics of the piano. The storage unit is also going to be humidity controlled. This will stop moisture from accumulating in the storage unit, which can cause several types of problem to your piano such a warping, mold, rust, etc. Also, because your piano is going to be securely wrapped the entire time it is in storage, you are going to have to worry about dust getting into the body of your piano and damaging this area.