Four Items You Shouldn't Pack On Your Move

Getting ready for a move usually results in a long to-do list, much of it involving the actual sorting and packing of your stuff. While it makes sense to move most of the items you use or love, not all things should be loaded onto the moving truck. The following are a four items you should consider leaving behind. #1: Clothing you no longer wear Packing up your closets and drawers may end up feeling like a trip through time.

Two Reasons Why Your Company Can Benefit From Business Relocation Services

If your business has outgrown its current location, it's time to move on. You need more space so that you can continue to expand in the way that you may be envisioning. However, although you may be excited about the prospect of moving, there's a lot of work involved in finding a new place to run your operations out of. That's why you should work with a business relocation service. Use this information to learn more about why partnering with a business relocation service is the right move for your company.

Moving With Your Cat? Follow These 4 Tips

Moving is a very stressful time, but it becomes more stressful when you have pets involved. If you have a cat, be sure to follow these 4 tips to help make the move for them go smoothly. Check With Your Veterinarian You don't want your cat to be too stressed on moving day. There will be movers coming in and out of your home making a lot of noise, and the cat is going to have to go for a car ride, which may not sit well with them.

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Using A Storage Unit For The First Time

If you are using a storage unit for the first time, here are four tricks that many seasoned storage unit veterans use to protect their belongings and get the most out of their storage unit. Keep Things Off The Floor One of the key tricks that most veteran storage unit users employ is keeping everything off the floor. Most storage units have cement flooring inside of them. Moisture can easily build-up on cement surfaces and that moisture can easily transfer onto your belongings.

Three Tips For Having Antiques Moved

When you need to have antique furniture moved, it is best to hire a professional moving company to take care of the move for you. They will have the tools and skills needed to ensure that the furniture is not damaged during the move. Use the guide that follows to learn how to prepare for the move of your antique furniture. Make a Record of the Condition of the Furniture