Three Tips For Having Antiques Moved

When you need to have antique furniture moved, it is best to hire a professional moving company to take care of the move for you. They will have the tools and skills needed to ensure that the furniture is not damaged during the move. Use the guide that follows to learn how to prepare for the move of your antique furniture.

Make a Record of the Condition of the Furniture

Both you and the moving company need to take pictures of all of the pieces before they are moved. You want to be sure that you are in agreement about every nick, scratch, and dent on each piece so that you can prove if something was damaged during the move when everything is said and done.

Purchase Moving Insurance Before the Move

You want to be sure to purchase moving insurance before your items are moved so that they can be replaced or repaired if they are damaged. There are many different types of moving insurance, but the most comprehensive ones are valued inventory insurance and lump sum insurance. Since you will be moving antiques, you want to choose the valued inventory insurance because it covers each item individually, whereas the lump value insurance requires you to value everything that will be moved as a lump sum. Lump sum insurance only pays based on the weight of the items that are moved, whereas the valued inventory allows you to get the full value back for each item that is damaged.

Have Items Separated and Labeled that Come Apart

Some pieces of furniture come apart easily and need to be separated before being moved. Have glass tops taken off of tables, drawers removed from dressers, and legs removed from tables that can easily be removed. The less bulky the items are that are being moved, the less the chances of anything becoming damaged during the move. The movers can pack everything for you so that they are wrapped securely to ensure that no damage is done when they are moved.

When the things are delivered to their final destination, be sure to inspect them thoroughly. Have pieces that were separated put back together and take pictures of everything to ensure that you have a record of the condition of the pieces. If you notice anything is damaged, make a written report of it to the moving company right away. This will ensure that you can prove to the insurance company that the damage was done by the movers during the move.

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